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Noleggio auto aeroporto di Comiso, Catania, porto di Pozzallo e Marina di Ragusa.
>>> Contatto diretto +39 3201969164 <<<

>>> Contatto diretto +39 3201969164 <<<

Ceremonial car rental Comiso

Ellebi Car Rental has also thought about your special moments, which is why we offer a wide selection of formal cars suitable for all kinds of special events. Ellebi has selected a wide selection of classic cars, Roll Royce sports cars, and even a chariot, to meet the most diverse tastes.

Your wedding day is a special and unforgettable day, and our ceremony cars are designed just for that, to make every event unique and special.

Contact us for a personalized quote or call us at 3201969164.

You choose the car, we take care of delivering it to your door and taking care of the details so that the ceremony car you choose is perfect.

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