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#1 the vehicle is insured with the normal car insurance coverage (r.c.a.) with a cap provided for by the law. Ellebi autonoleggio company of lauretta nunzio will not be liable for any damages that exeed the insurace policy coverage. The driver (the client or any other person authorized to drive, according to the terms of the agreement) is covered by the terms of rental agreement and comprehensive insurance (known as ‘kasko’), with a deductible of € 500,00. (Your deductible explained)
ElleBi autonoleggio will also charge the client for any expens directly linked to the car accident (if you are at fault) like toll-truck etc.
In Case of an accident not caused by you ELLEBI Autonoleggio provides a substitution vehicle (as soon as it is possible) and if it is necessary free transfer to the Hotel.

#2 in no case is ellebi autonoleggio di lauretta nunzio liable to the client, the driver and members of their families for accidents and damages of any kind, including any economic damageregarding people or property as a result, direct or indirect, of an accidentat the fault ofthe driver. In addition no responsability will be given to ellebi autonoleggio regarding the malfunction of the vehicle or road accidents caused by defects of manufacture. In any eventthe company ellebi autonoleggio di lauretta nuncio shall not be liable for any damages to the vehicle (even inside of the vehicle).
Any objects left inside the vehicle once returned to ellebi autonoleggio di nunzio lauretta are considered abandoned and the rental company is not responsable for the custody or restitution of the items.
You acknowledge, accept and undertake to observe the extent allowed by insurance policy.

#3 theft: deductible €950,00 (included in the point 1)

#4 vandalism, window damage. Deductible €950,00  (included in point 1)

#5 the client, in case of theft, is required to restore the keys of the vehicle, if you are not able to return the keys, you will be liable to indemnify company car rental ellebi lauretta messenger of the entire value of the vehicle .

#6 the client or who is authorized to drive must reimburse ellebi autonoleggio di nunzio lauretta of such damages incurred as the result of the negligence inside the vehicle (various, burns, stains, tears to tapestry and others) and outside of the vehicle: body, mechanical parts, suspension, tires, rims and other external parts, plus expenses of admission to the repair shop.

# 7 you acknowledge, accept and undertake to observe the extent allowed by insurance including the disclaimers set forth above.
Pursuant to art. 1341 and 1342 of the civil codei hereby declare to approve the foregoing conditions specifically outlined in # 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, as listed above.

Cancellation Policy

In case of a cancellation of service Ellebi Autonoleggio will not issue any refund for the down-payment (usually 30% of the total amount). The down-payment will be used as a compensation for the rental cancellation. In case the client decides to use a different service offered by ElleBi or one of its partners (taxi services), the above amount will be used as a credit for the new service.